Inspiraton from the Paper Towel

5 Aug

I would like to think that I live my life spontaneously.  Not as spontaneous as I would like, but enough so that sometimes I don’t know where my day will lead me.  When I started this blog, my intent was to write about organic gardening in small spaces, which for today, is at My Urban Farmscape.  I told myself that I would have loads of information to share with others.  And I do, but sometimes I have no idea when I wake up in the morning what I will write.  Maybe this is procrastination, but I like to call it spontaneity.  This morning I had thoughts of sharing how to make a garlic braid, or maybe how to dry herbs.  It felt forced, and being a spontaneous personality, well, it seemed dreadful.  What I really wanted to do was to get outside  as this is the first cool day in a string of long hot dry ones.  I was thinking that once I got outside I would find my inspiration, and come up with my topic for today’s blog.   I then worried that once I got outside, it might be hard getting back inside to write.  Todays dilemma.

During breakfast, my husband asked, “Where did you get the paper towels with garden sayings?” 

“I think they were in the mega pack, I didn’t even realize it.”

He read out loud, “No two gardens are the same.”

The thoughts in my head were suddenly filled with flashes of gardens that I have experienced in my life.  I replied with a chuckle, “Wow, that’s true, I never knew paper towels could be so inspiring.”  And with that, I grabbed my coffee and headed upstairs to my computer.  I decided to share with you  my garden inspirations for today, brought to you today by Bounty (could I get a paid endorsement for this?)


The flowers of all tomorrow are the seeds of today.


You can bury a lot of troubles digging in the dirt.


Gardening is a way of showing you believe in tomorrow.


Friends are flowers in a life’s garden.

Now that I have posted this, I will be going outside to strip the dried peppermint leaves off of their stems and place in a jar to save for tea.  I need to catch up with some weeding, and soon I’ll share with you more about harvesting and preservation in a later post.  This is the plan, but when I get in the garden, I have no idea where the day will go, I just know that I need to get out there.  As always, I welcome suggestions for topics from you.  Enjoy your day!

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