Funky Pumpkin Totem

7 Oct

It’s October and it’s pumpkin time!  Not only do I love to eat everything pumpkin, I love decorating with them.  Not the traditional carving the Jack-O-Lantern type of decorating like when the kids were little, but finding the most unique pumpkins and gourds to decorate my front porch with.  Needing an inspiration piece, I decided to create a totem of pumpkins and set out on a journey to find the funkiest pumpkins around.


Roadside stands are one of the best places to start.  Here my daughter and I found these nice white pumpkins.  Definitely a keeper. 






I LOVED these variegated white, green and orange pumpkins.







Hearty Harvest in Remus, Michigan

With a selection like this, who needs to go anywhere else!









I thought the cat would be a nice touch to my autumn decorating, but she wasn’t for sale. 






A swan and her babies maybe? 







Once we got a nice selection, we headed back home.  Initially, I thought that they should all be somewhat flat.  Some people call these Cinderella pumpkins.  But there were some that looked really cool, and were anything but flat, so decided to use them in the totem anyway.  Besides the pumpkins, some re-rod and a drill with a really long drill bit were used.  Here are a few tips to make your Funky Pumpkin Totem.

Line the pumpkins from largest to smallest.  Remove the stems if they have any from all except for the top pumpkin.


Starting with the largest, place that one on the ground where you want your totem to permanently be.  Level it using your eye as a guide.  You may need to bury it in the ground a little.


Drill a hole in the center of the first pumpkin and drive a stake or piece of re-rod through it.  You want to have something strong enough to keep your pumpkins in line and prevent them from falling off of each other.


Stack the pumpkins, drilling a hole in each one, until you get it as tall as you want. 

Now I have a starting point for my autumn decorating! 

No more decorating for today, it’s time to go indoors to eat some pumpkin muffins and drink some cider while I come up with my next outdoor project.  YUM!  Don’t you love October?

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